The Lighthouse Family Life Helpline Ministry site is all about the family and how to make your life & marriage count in the Kingdom of God. The Love of God is the Bedrock of all Relationships.


The mandate for this ministry was given to me by the Holy Spirit September 18th 1997 this was about a year plus after my conversion from Islam to Christianity.

This is a Prophetic Teaching Ministry with emphasis on:

  • Marriage and
  • Family Life

The Highlights of this mandate is as follows:

  • The Marriage Institution as it affects God and Man.
  • The Family and the Ministry.
  • The Family and the Child.
  • The Kingdom of God, Family and the Child.
  • The Family and the Secular world.

The scriptural base for the Ministry as follows:

 Isaiah 58:12 and John 8:12b.

“Those from among you shall build the old waste places: you shall raise up the foundations of many generations and you shall be called The repairer of the breach, The restorer of the path to dwell in”. Isaiah 58:12. NKJV

“I am the Light of the world whosoever believes in me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”. John 8:12b. NKJV

Jer 1: 4-10; Eph 4: 7- 12; Isa 49: 1 – 11.


The assignment is to bring God’s help to the family system by teaching the people the revealed truths of God’s Word:-

  • It entails the laying of proper foundation for marriage and family life based on the Word of God in accordance with the covenant of marriage.  This means teaching the Singles God’s covenant as it affects the family and God’s laws/rules guiding the institution for a successful family life and happy home.
  • It covers bringing peace back to the homes destroyed by the devil by following God’s Guidelines in repairing all the broken down fences and solidifying weak foundations as revealed in the Scriptures.
  • Bringing back the old paths of God concerning marriage and family for all the people to follow. Correcting all evil doctrines of satan concerning family life through the revealed knowledge of the Scriptures.
  • Finally, restoring dignity back to marriage and family institution through the teaching of the solid Word of God (which the beacon of Light in the dark) by the help of the Holy Spirit.


 Our mission therefore is to see the people of God come to the fullness of the knowledge of God concerning marriage and family.

  • To see God enthroned in families and homes.
  • To see the restoration of God’s original purpose for the family established.
  •  To see Jesus glorified in families.
  • To see the original intention of God concerning marriage and family life restored.


 Our message is LOVE.

 John13:34 – 35. “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another”.

  •  Love (agape) is the bedrock of the family. It is the binding factor that keeps all the members of the family together as one unit.
  •  True love is the unifying factor lacking in the family system and this is the cause of the collapse of the family system.
  •  The love being exhibited by individuals in the family system today is selfish, it believes only in taking and not giving. Unlike the selfless, sacrificial love that Christ taught us.


 At Lighthouse Family Life Helpline Ministry, our goal is:

  1. To reintroduce into the family system the Christ – like love, this is the unifying love – Bedrock of the family system.
  1. Effectively develop godly families by teaching God’s blueprints for the family, providing practical biblical resources on marriage and parenting.


 Our motto is:

“Build a better society through the family system”.


We have designed a number of strategies and tools to reach our goal.

They are as follows:

  • The Lighthouse Newsletter, is a resource for teaching the undiluted Word of God which is a lamp unto our feet (Psalms 119:105); as we navigate through the sea of life in the area of our marriages and families with the sole purpose of producing a blemish-free family system that will be an envy to our world
  • Covenant Family Affairs (CFA), is a powerful online resource for today’s families. It is aimed at helping families become stronger as they become grounded in love; we achieve this by offering practical; scripture based approaches to real life issues faced by people every day in the families.
  • Marriage Seminars and Workshop is geared at exposing participants to various practical issues that face families and offering the biblical way out. It is also meant to be a forum for interaction between participants and facilitators.
  • Radio/Television Talk Show –“Family Affairs Today”, this is intended to be an interactive session, where we have seasoned Speakers on family issues answer questions and enlighten listeners on the mind of God on family related issues.
  • Covenant Family Fellowship, this is a couples study group where participants build friendship with other couples as they learn God’s timeless principles on building strong families and learn how to keep the fire of love burning in their marriages.
  • Youth and Singles Empowerment Program, is a forum for educating the youth and singles on how to lay solid foundation of an enviable marital destiny and also teaching them to become impactful youth and singles that will affect the society positively.
  • Marriage Counseling – online and offline, this is meant to offer assistance and godly counsel to individuals on marriage, family and personal spiritual development.
  • Aid to Orphans and Widows, the orphans and widows are close to God’s Heart Deuteronomy 24:19 and Proverbs 24:10-11. We are committed to serving as an instrument in the Hands of God to put smiles on the faces of these God’s special people.

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