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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director, World ...

Let me start by making some few definitions, for proper understanding of the topic of discussion.

Who is a Christian?

The Oxford dictionary defines a Christian as “a person who believes in the Christian religion“. The Wycliffe Bible dictionary defines a Christian as “one who belongs or is devoted to Christ”. Being a Christian is not just understanding certain doctrines and spiritual principles, but it is having our life in Christ Jesus. It is walking in the Spirit of Truth. The Truth here “is a property of that judgment which coincides with the mind of God”. So it will not be wrong to say that “a Christian is one whose walk is in agreement with the mind of Christ concerning every areas of his or her life 1Cor2:16. That means a Christian is one whose character and conduct reflects the character and conduct of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ”. If your walk is contrary to the Mind of Christ concerning your life; and your character and conduct does not reflect Christ, then you are not a Christian even if you claim to be one.

Who is a Lady?

The Oxford dictionary defines a lady as “a woman with dignity and good manners. So I will define a true Christian lady as a celebrated woman of rare and outstanding talent, a woman of class, integrity, honor and poise; a spiritually, emotionally and physically stable woman. A divinely set apart woman. (A diva) We have quite a number of such women in our midst. We have women like: Pst. (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, Pst. (Mrs.) Mary Abioye, Pst. (Mrs.) E. Aremu, Bishop Margaret Idahosa, Gloria Copeland, Elizabeth George, Joyce Meyer, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Cindy Trimm, Mrs. Diezani Allison Madueke Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili and Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala to mention a few. As a Christian Lady you represent your heavenly Father here on earth. Your life, marriage etc must reflect that you are the daughter of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Your life must bless people; you must not leave a place without leaving your mark behind. You must always leave a lasting impression of integrity, and poise in the hearts of those who interacts with you; because a deposit of the divine nature of God was planted in your spirit when He created you. You are set apart for a unique purpose, with divine credentials for living out your calling. An invisible stamp was placed on you the moment you became born again, which makes everyone that sees you to recognize that you are special. As a celebrated woman of class, your success in life is hinged on your close relationship with God, ability to hear His Voice, coupled with your submission to His direction. Having a kingdom view of life, should be our driving force in life. Matt6:33.

The Make-up of a True Christian Lady (a Diva).

There is a seed of divinity in every woman. That seed is the divine nature of God put inside every woman, when she was created by God. It is the Spirit of God. It is this divine nature in a true Christian lady that makes her to command attention without demanding it. This divine seed was lost at the fall of man, but on the Cross of Calvary Jesus restored that divine nature back to the woman. He gave us His divine mind, which is a major prerequisite for living a fulfilled life, filled with purposeful decision and security. The thing that sets a true Christian lady apart and makes her distinct from the rest women is the composite of her character. Her internal qualities which continually transforms her outer appearance and give her a royal bearing. She carries herself with a touch of royalty, irrespective of her status in life, whether she is doing menial jobs or she is an executive in a big organization. She is graceful and gracious; doing whatever she does in excellence without despising her femininity.

Her Spirituality.

A true Christian lady is spiritual. She has embraced her Savior and yielded to His Lordship, so under His instruction she is empowered to see her circumstances clearly, make wise choices and reap a victorious life. For you to be celebrated truly set apart woman, your attitude or view about who you are must change.

There are three (3) views that inform who you are in life.

A. Your personal view about yourself: this is limited by your emotions and what you have to go through in life. B. Other people’s views about you: This is based on their own experiences in life. C. God’s view about you: He is the only one who has a valid opinion about you. He knows, sees and understands everything about you. When we are in a relationship with our heavenly Father, we begin to see things through His eyes. A true Christian lady will not compromise her standards and she is completely sold out to her Lord, she is not moved by the opinion of other people concerning her. She is rooted and grounded in the love of God, so other people’s opinion no longer matter to her Song of Sol 2:16.

Her Appearance.

Every true Christian lady knows that in order to win friends and influential people, she must put her best face as well as foot forward. For a divinely set apart lady, her appearance is very important. First impression matters a lot in life, so she must be mindful of how she looks. Though God looks at the heart, people look at what is obvious to the eye. Her external appearance must complement the true beauty that comes from her inside. Someone once said that “the way you dress is the way you are addressed”. Dressing begins with the preparation of the body followed by the putting on of clothes etc. Apart from cleaning up physically, you must clean up spiritually. Rid yourself of all bitterness, vanity etc, no matter how fabulous the dress is, it cannot cover bitterness, vanity, rancor etc. What we eat has lasting effect on our health, as well as our beauty, diet affects our appearance. It affects our skin, figure, weight and even mental clarity. I agree that diet is a very personal choice, but let us take example from Daniel (Dan 1:3-21). Being tiny should not be your ultimate goal, but eating properly to stay healthy should be your goal. You must be honest with yourself, is your diet healing you or killing you? Remember, this is the only body you have, be kind to it and take care of it. Make it a life goal to eat healthily. Divinely set apart lady practice self control in all areas of her life, including diet. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; do not defy it with unnecessary calories and fat. As true Christian ladies, we must take time to rest our bodies. You cannot afford not to rest, if God took time to rest Gen2:2-3, then we must follow His example and rest if we are to appear in our best forms. God created us in His image, so we are designed to rest, in order to function properly. Rest must be achieved on all levels, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is a total package. We must know our physical limitations and take time to rest. The divinely set apart lady have no problem asking for help when she needs it, and saying “no” when a “yes” will do nobody any good. Also, you are to endeavor to keep fit with some simple exercises. Decide which exercise is best for you and your state of health. Walking is one of the most wonderful ways of staying fit. Once in a while, park the car and take a walk. It helps to keep you mentally alert. So, get out and get the blood pumping, take a short walk round your neighborhood. Talking about fashion, divinely set apart classic ladies set fashion trends, they do not follow it. Classic, simple, decent and complementary are the key words to how a classic lady dresses. Always in good taste; a divine diva dresses in a way that causes others to look twice, though nothing they are wearing is screaming from attention. Choose your color, fabric and fit well, wear clothes that is befitting of a daughter of the King. It is not how expensive an outfit is, that makes it fabulous, but it is the way it fit and how much of your body it covers that makes it a beautiful outfit. Sisters, it doesn’t matter whether that dress was made in Paris, New York, Italy or sewn by your neighborhood tailor; what matters is the fitting, the modesty and the impression it creates about you in other people’s minds. Let’s say something about our face; if you must wear makeup, it should be an enhancer and not a mask. Avoid makeovers that make you look like a masquerade or a painted doll. Do not forget your hair, whether you go natural or add extensions (weave-on, braids etc), the rule is to keep it simple. No wild colorings and other excesses. Do not forget that keeping your hair unkempt and untidy will not give you a good image. Your hair should work for you and not against you. Find a good hairdresser you like and stick with the person. Remember, your hair is your glory, so wear it well 1Cor11:15. The scent of a woman should always be alluring and intriguing. I agree that not everybody likes to use perfume, but if you are a perfume person, choose a fragrance that is you. Warm and fresh. Never overdo your fragrance, but strive to always make a personal statement about who you are with your fragrance. There are some people I know by the fragrance they wear and whenever I come in contact with that particular smell I remember them. Your fragrance should draw people close to you, and when you leave it should softly linger, leaving a pleasant memory of you in the minds of others. Finally, treat your feet well; taking care of your feet is important. After all, they support the rest of your body. The choice of shoes is endless but choose wisely; lovely but comfortable. Buy shoes that does not throw your posture out of line and you can walk gracefully. Pick shoes that complement the line of your legs. Always dress from top of your head to the tip of your toes as one complete picture; everything should work in harmony and compliment themselves. That is the secret of a true diva.

Her Character and Conduct.

Your character and conduct say a whole lot about who you are. This entails your communication skills and manners. Communication includes the following: your words; thoughts and actions or body language. As a true diva you must have an enviable communication skills. First of all, your communication must express love. Words, whether spoken or written have a tremendous impact on all our lives Pro12:18. Learn to use your words for blessing, healing and building up, and not for cursing, wounding and tearing down. Paul speaking in Eph4:29 said “Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk (ever) come out of your mouth, but only such (speech) as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it maybe a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it” (AMP). Watch your mouth! Matt12:36. Make a commitment to love others with your words. Every word you speak can be a brick to build or a bulldozer to destroy. Choose your words carefully. Remember words are seeds, they are containers of power. As a true diva avoid being labeled as “loud” or “rash”; it is not good for your image. Another area of communication is through our thoughts Pro23:7a says “for as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (AMP). Never make the mistake to think that your thoughts do not affect people. In fact, our thoughts not only affect others, they also affect us. If we think unkind thoughts, we become unkind. If we think loving thoughts, we become loving. If you let yourself dwell on negative thoughts, you will find yourself emitting bad energy to everybody around you. Of course, you will be avoided like a plague. Lastly, you communicate through your actions or body language. There is an adage that says “action speaks louder than voice”. As a true diva watch the type of body language you send out to people. Let your actions reflect the grace of God on your life. Watch the type of company you keep 1Cor15:33 admonished us that evil communication corrupts good manners. If your best friend and associates are ladies with foul language and questionable character; it is only a matter of time, and you will begin to talk and behave like them. May the Lord give us understanding!

Her Marriage.

A true diva is a virtuous wife, who knows how to turn her house into a home and enjoy a blissful marriage Pro31:10-31. A true diva knows her roles in the marriage and she carries them out religiously. Her marriage is in divine order. That is her spiritual marriage to her heavenly Husband Jesus Christ Isa54:5, and her physical marriage to her earthly husband. She has a good and to be envied relationship with the Spiritual Lover of her soul in the person of Jesus Christ. She is submissive and obedient to the dictates of her Savior, and this makes it easy for her to be submissive to the leadership of her earthly husband (she respects him, reverence, praise and honor him). She has a heart of a worshipper and her life is saturated with prayers and a childlike faith that trust God with every detail of her life and marriage. She does not have problems settling every issue of her life and marriage on her knees before her Lord. Also because she loves her Lord with all of her heart, soul and might; loving and giving affection to her husband is no problem for her. She warms his life with love. Above all, she is a true help meet and companion to her husband. She compliments him and she is not tempted to order him around.

Sisters, celebrate your unique qualities as a true diva and work them to the maximum.

It is all about Diva-tude. Attitude is everything. Remain blessed.