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From the beginning God’s Heart desire to build a dwelling place for Himself in the Earth is seen in His creation of man and woman together Gen1:26-28.

The family is the foundation of the Lord’s House on earth. It is the foundation of the human society. It is the institution created by God for bringing children into the world to be nurtured, trained and loved.         Today the existence of the family and of biblical family valves is threatened. If the foundation of a house is faulty the collapse of the house is eminent Ps11:3.

Divorce, economics instability, teen pregnancy, careerism, substance abuse and immorality have made it difficult to build a home where love, listening, unity and authority reside. But it can be done.

What is Family?

Family is the collective body of persons who live in one house and under one head or manager. It is also a household including parents, children, servants etc. it can also be a people of one common progenitor, a tribe, or race, kindred, lineage etc.

Spiritually the family is the nucleus of the Church. It is the focal point of the Church. Its function is similar to the function of the nucleus of a seed. The nucleus of the seed is the source of life for that seed; likewise the family is the source of life to the Church. So if the source is contaminated then be sure the product will also be contaminated. The attack of Satan on the family is an attack on the source of life of the Church.

What is a Nucleus?

It is the central part of a whole seed, its own identity about which the rest of the whole gathers or grows; it is the center of activity or influence. It is the inner spheroid protoplasmic mass of a cell, essential to the life of the cell and it is responsible for the transmission of hereditary characters.

The family is the link between the Church and the world. It is the channel through which the Grace of God flows to the world. It is the mirror that reflects the image of God to the world.

Through the family the hereditary characters of God is transmitted to the world. Through the family set up God intends to live and reveal Himself in the world, He manifest His Character, Authority and expresses His Dominion over the earth and He displays His indisputable power over the works of darkness and subdue His archenemy – Satan.

Just as in biology the nucleus of a cell is composed of nucleoproteins, the family is composed of parents, children, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, maid, servants etc at the center of this complex network is the man and the woman.

The Origin of the Family

The world family originated from one man and one woman. It started with a man called Adam and his wife – Eve.

God planted a Garden in the East of Eden and put a man to tend it and he was also given some other assignments which included procreation and for him to carry out this assignment there was need for a woman to be created. This brought about the carrying out of the first surgical operation on earth. Gen2:18-25. The man saw the creation of God he was excited and he named her woman because she was taken from him. He (man) under divine inspiration immediately gave a set of rules that will guide the relationship. There was an immediate change of priority for him, his wife was to come first before his father and mother, Adam told God by this pronounce that he did not want any interference from anybody and God respected his decision. Gen 2:23-24. If parents will also respect this law we will see some level of sanity in the families. Adam forgot himself in the excitement that God was playing a dual role in his life, God was first his Divine Creator and then his father, he forgot to put his Creator before his wife which is the right thing to do and he landed in trouble. The serpent came to the woman and sin of disobedience came into the world. God plans and purposes for the human race were tampered with, and judgment went forth, first to the serpent, the woman and finally the man Gen3:1-19.

Adam response to the judgment given by God was a response of faith (he did not argue with God or complain of any unfair treatment). It is the birth of faith; this faith indicated a new beginning of spiritual life. He immediately changed the name of his wife to Eve Gen3:20. Eve– Life Spring. He prophetically pronounced life on his wife; their sin had made them dead spiritually so he needed to do something to change the situation, pronouncing life on his wife showed his faith in God’s ability to change their circumstances, through the seed that was to come forth from his wife to avenge the works of Satan.     God manifested His mercy indicating the pardon and acceptance of a confessing, believing man, rejoicing in anticipation of that future victory over the serpent which was to be accomplished by the Seed of the woman. The mercy of God alone is the source of pardon Gen3:21. Adam then knew Eve his wife and they started the first family. Gen 4:1.