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Trying to decide if the person you’re dating is God’s best choice of mate for you but the answer isn’t clear? Determining God’s best is a critical decision, one that requires you put aside your own agenda and desires, in order to consider the most important thing: what is God trying to tell me about this relationship?

Below are some checking list that I believe will help you determine God’s choice of mate for you. Beloved remember, before you expect to find this kind of person you must be this kind of person for someone else. God will not give you His best if you are not already His best for someone else.

 Growing up Spiritually. Ask: Does this person seek out God willingly and eagerly on their own? Does he/she rely on me to grow spiritually– read the bible, go to church or does he/she do this already? God’s best will have a growing relationship with Him that is genuine, fresh and intimate in a way that is noticeable for all to see.

 Active Prayer Life. Ask: Does this person pray regularly? Does he/she easily pray with me or in front of others? Does he/she talk about their prayer concerns and answered prayer? A marriage without prayer is like a light that hasn’t being plugged in– it’s dark and powerless. God’s best must be conversing with Him on regular basis for direction in life and investing in the lives of others.

 Pure. Ask: Is this person determined to wait until marriage to have sex or use my body for his/her own pleasure in any capacity? Does he/she live what they preach? A great “barometer” to a person’s heart is how they control their sexual urges, if they truly love God and want to be obedient to Him, there will be no excuses, playing with fire, or compromises. They will honor God above their fleshy desires and will wait for you.

 Teachable. Ask: Does this person ask for help, do they admit when they are wrong and say sorry? Do they seek godly counsel, do they respect God– given authority in their lives and are they repentant and obedient in matters with God? There is no greater security in marriage (especially for women in submitting to their husband) than trusting a mate who is teachable before God and seeking His will above their own.

 Honest. Ask: Does this person tell you the truth even when it’s hard, does he/she take responsibility for their actions( own up) when they do something wrong or hurtful, do they twist the truth or minimize it to get out of trouble? Counting on your partner’s word in marriage is vital. He/she shouldn’t be afraid to admit when they mess up.

 Whole. Ask: Does this person place their hopes, expectations and emotional needs in God alone? During difficult times do they try to fill up holes with the emotional support of others (especially me)? God’s best knows that it is only God that can give true comfort, hope and security. In times of difficulties and challenges they know how to turn the light on Him for solutions.

 Surrendered. Ask: Is this person stubbornly pursuing their plans and goals or do they frequently offer up their lives to God and His plans? If the person you are marrying is living for him/herself, you are not going to have the marriage God intended for you. God’s best will live a life surrendered to His Spirit.

 Forgiving. Ask: does this person forgive and get over things easily, is there any area of bitterness or unforgiveness from their past that they have not dealt with? God’s best has a forgiving spirit and he/she recognizes God as being in control of their lives, so they can let go of offenses. This will work in your favor when you have marital conflicts.

If after going through the above check list and you still can’t determine God’s will for the future, then:

Wait – perhaps God is not ready to reveal His plan for your relationship yet.


Lighthouse (Photo credit: TSelrahc)

Dearly Beloved,

It is with great joy and gratitude to God that I welcome you to the Blog The Lighthouse.

You may want to ask what a lighthouse is and who is the Lighthouse?

The Webster dictionary defines a lighthouse as a tall permanent structure equipped with a usually revolving beacon light giving a signal to warn ships at night or in fog of the proximity of rocks, shores etc.

A light house can also be defined as a distinctive structure built on or near a shore which exhibits a light of distinctive characteristic to serve as an aid to navigation.

Spiritually as we journey through the sea of life we need a tall permanent structure equipped with distinctive light to warn us of imminent dangers, potholes, pitfalls etc on the way, a beacon of light to show us the way.

Jesus is our Lighthouse, He knows the way, the charts and maps for our journey is in His Hands Jn12:46, Jn14:6, as we turn to Him for guidance and protection we will not be drowned in the torrent of the waves and storms of life.

This blog is birthed by the Holy Spirit as a resource for teaching the undiluted word of God which is a lamp unto our feet Ps 119:105, as we navigate through the sea of life in our marriages and family life with the sole purpose of producing a blemish free family system that will be the envy of our world.

This is going to be a blog which will be teaching on all aspects of the family system.

  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Singles and Dating
  • Single Parenting
  • Widowhood

So whether you are tossing and turning in a sea of trouble or you are sailing smoothly ahead, we believe there is only One True Light Jesus who is fully capable of leading safely to harbor.

This blog is inspired by the Holy Spirit to point us to Him as He leads us safely to a blissful marriage and happy family life.

Beloved, darkness is nothing more than the absence of light, when light comes it fills the darkness and illuminates our way Jn1:5.

As the Captain of a ship nears the vicinity of the lighthouse, he grows stronger and more confident. He knows that very soon the light from the lighthouse will fill the darkness before him and guide him to safety. He knows the light will be there and he can depend on it.

Are you having trouble finding your way in the darkness of life?

Walk towards the light of God’s Word and Presence. He may choose not to answer every question but He will fill the darkness of your life with light so that you can walk confidently and without fear. Put your trust in God. He promised that He will always be there. You can depend on Him.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever He never changes but He can change your life story. He can take you from where you are now in your marital life to where you ought to be.

Don’t let the challenges you face today in your marital life take your eyes away from the Lighthouse that is your only source of True light in this murky waters of life.

Sit back and enjoy a glorious journey with the Holy Spirit as He navigates us through the sea of life beaming the Great Searchlight of the Spirit on all the dark areas of our family life.

Jesus said “I am the Light of the world whosoever believes in me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” Jn8:12

A lighthouse stands alone. Its greatness towers over tormenting waters and rocks of destructive power. Its beacon shines through black night to each oncoming vessel.

The Lord is the LIGHTHOUSE in the lives of each Christian. The life of a Christian travels like the ship through waves of trials and rocks of tribulations. The beacon of light is the Word of God, directing each ship to a worthier, safer place. Current from raging waters tempts each ship to turn away from the light and travel recklessly through the blackness of night towards ultimate destruction. This temptation can only be overcome by putting complete faith in the Lord’s beacon and allowing Him to be the Captain of the Christian soul.

Ponder and Meditate on these Scriptures:

Isa51:10, Isa41:10-14

Matt5:14-16, Jn12:46, Jn14:6

and Lk11:33.

Remain Blessed

Highlights on the Ministry:

Lighthouse Family Life Help line Ministry believes that the family (as God has ordained it to be—man, woman and children) is under attack from every direction. These attacks must be countered with relative efforts from the Body of Christ in the areas of teaching, support, prayer and discipleship if there is to be a legacy of faith to hand down to the next generation.


And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise the foundations of many generations and thou shalt be called The repairer of the breach, The restorer of the path to dwell in.

Marriages and families are broken down and lay in waste.

Men and women around the globe want to know how to strengthen their marriages and raise godly children.

Lighthouse Family life Helpline Ministry is therefore committed to effectively developing godly families that change the world one home at a time.

Our mission is to serve as a resource in motivating and equipping families and people (of all cultures):

  • To glorify God
  • Make Christ known
  • Be used by God in a Family Revival and Reformation

Our goal is to effectively develop godly families by:

  • Teaching God’s blueprints for the family.
  • Providing practical, biblical resources on marriage and parenting.
  • Mobilizing and motivating people to impact others for Christ.

Prophetic Utterances

  • Enter into a new life of family and marital bliss such as you have never experienced before.
  • Arise shine for your light is come, your days of groping in the dark in your family life has come to an end.
  • You will no longer walk in darkness for the Lighthouse Himself will guide your ship to safe anchor.
  • It is your season of the manifestations of the promises of God in your life and family.
  • Your wilderness experience in your family life ends today in the precious Name of Jesus Christ Amen.