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This is dedicated to all women out there who had been abused, misused, battered, beaten and disappointed in life. I have good news for you; you are unique, you are a Diva. One afternoon as I sat in the Presence of the Lord meditating on His faithful and the awesomeness of the Works of His Hands, I heard Him say to me “Tell them who I made them to be”, and I asked who are they Lord?

 They are Ornament of glory

  The Crowning glory of the Works of My Hands.

  They are made from the finished product to exhibit Beauty, Splendor and Glamour.

 They are a dignified specie.

 They are My Treasure. 1Cor15:41.

God did not create the woman as an afterthought but as an integral part of His Plan in creation. The woman was designed and built by God in love and with special care. He took time in fashioning the woman. Woman, your uniqueness is a reflection of God’s purpose and design for you. God wants us to know value and encourage the woman in what she was created to be. It was God who said man needed a woman Gen 2:18. Adam did not imagine the woman but God had her in mind during the creation of the earth Gen1:26-27. A woman is a product of God; this makes her God’s property, His Treasure. The creation of a woman was a beautiful structuring; the woman is a Masterpiece of the Great Architect Gen2:21-23. Welcome to the beginning of a new attitude. Attitude is everything. What you believe affects what you do, what you do affect the response you get from others or the results you receive. What you receive affects your attitude towards life, it then affects your next move in life, it further affects the outcome of your actions, which will then have a profound effect on your Joy level, Success in life, Fulfillment in marriage etc. The good news is that you can renew your mind, so that your life can be transformed into one of endless possibilities Rom12:2. In order to achieve a life of endless victory, you have to change your attitude to life. You have to change some old ideas and concepts, embrace some new concepts. You need a rebuilding of your inner woman. We need to take a serious look at not only our inner attitude but also our outer habits. What changes are you willing to make in your life? Are you willing to pay the price for your dream of a glorious destiny to come true? This is where the girls are separated from the women, the average woman from the divinely set apart woman. If you are willing to apply the principles you will learn as God takes us through these series of teachings your destiny will be changed forever. There are women who achieved the DIVA status in life; they attained this position in life through diligence and commitment to refine themselves and their gifts.


A Diva is a celebrated woman of rare and outstanding talent, a woman of class, integrity, honor and poise. A spiritually, emotionally and physically stable woman. A Diva is a divinely set apart woman. Webster dictionary defines DIVA as PRIMA DONNA a word that means First Lady. Divas are born and not made. There is a Diva inside every woman just waiting to be released.


1. She is an outstanding woman. 2. The ultimate woman. 3. She is the best in her field or career. 4. The First Lady of her home. 5. The crème de la crème. 6. Divas command attention without demanding it. There is an air of confidence, finesse, style and originality about a true Diva. 7. She is the King’s daughter. 8. A Diva never leaves a room without leaving a part of herself behind (a rich deposit of wisdom, an encouraging word). Something that leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of those who interacted with her. We attribute this special quality to God. A deposit of the divine nature of God was planted into the spirit of every woman when He created her. She was set apart for a unique purpose, with divine credentials for living out her calling. A stamp was placed on her that made everyone recognize she was special, but somewhere between infancy and womanhood something tragic happened – the Diva within was lost. The seed planted by God was crushed beneath disappointments, criticism, negative experiences, bad choices, unfruitful behaviors etc. Woman, the Lord is saying to you right now, it is time to shake off the dust and let the true Diva seed blossom and unfold Isa52:1-2. It is time to shake yourself from the dust of debasement and distress of false doctrines, superstition and will worship. God is calling you to sit upon the throne of your glory. 2Pt 1:3. There is need for us to embrace the fullness of our relationship with God, take and use His advice in every area of our lives so as to come out like the true Divas that we really are. In order to become this Total Outstanding and Victorious package, we need to make sure everything in our lives is in divine order– Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically. It is time to listen to God for He alone holds the valid opinion of who you are. He knows, sees and understands everything about you. He is Straightforward, Honest and ever optimistic about your divine possibilities. A true Diva is spiritual. She has embraced her Savior and yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


1. Discard the negative, absorb the positive. 2. Do not volunteer to be a victim. 3. Examine your friends and associates. 4. Find out what God has to say about the real you. 5. Protect what is precious to you, that is your heart, your body and your love. Pro4:23 6. Cultivate your Character and Gifts. 7. Take one day at a time, see the big picture God has painted of your life and work towards actualizing it. 8. Speak the truth, but always with graciousness and gentility. Let your goal be to encourage and not to destroy. 9. Do not seek to control, manipulate or cause others to depend heavily on you. 10. Be driven to empower others; this is where the true power lies. Unto us a Diva is born and unto us a divinely set apart woman is given.