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Unity is a triple braided cord. One friend plus another plus Christ make the cord not easily broken (Eccl4:9-12). Our commitment to Christ binds us irrevocably to each other. We find our oneness in Him Jn17:21-23.                                         When Christ is the source and center of a marriage negative forces cannot pull it apart. There is a buffer of Christ grace when we fail or disappoint each other. We belong to Christ and each other in spite of what happens around us. Jesus wants us to know the same oneness with one another that He has with God the Father. He engenders in us love, forgiveness and patience for one another.                                    When Christ is the unbreakable strand in the triple braided cord it cannot be severed. Amos3:3 our commitment to God must first be in place in order for us to develop true and meaningful relationship with others. When we agree with God in all our ways, He makes it possible for our ways to be agreeable with the people around us –our spouses, family members, business associates and neighbors. When your ways are pleasing to the Lord, He will make your enemies to be at peace with you. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to make your enemies to be at peace with you only when your ways pleases God.                              You must carry out all instructions from the Lord with faithful obedience, for anything done without faith is sin. The whole issue of unity is love –Christ’s love for us and our willingness to love others as Christ loved us Jn13:34. Christ’s love for us is not dependent on a quality that makes us loveable. He loves us because He IS love, regardless of our strengths or weaknesses; this thought maybe humbling to some who want to be chosen, called and cherished because of their human credentials of talent, personality or achievement. Christ’s love is not motivated by any of these human qualities, but by grace motivated. If we are to love His way we must ask for it Jn14:14, and also we must learn that the Holy Spirit must give us the power Jn14:16 He is our Helper who will help us love like Christ. In a world of bartered manipulation, give and take etc unity is not possible without Christ commandment and our willingness to receive His love for others. Unity is Christ miracle of oneness. In Gen2:24 the scripture tells us that a man and his wife are to become one with each other (one flesh). In Jn17:1-26, Jesus prayed for the same oneness He has with the Father for His disciples. He and the Father shared the same purpose, plan and power.                                 It is this kind of oneness God expects from us in our relationships –as couples, as family members and as believers in Christ generally. Christ came not to do His own will but to do the Father’s will Jn6:38.   Likewise our unity is dependent on sharing the priority of seeking and doing the Lord’s will. The equation of oneness is profound, and yet very simple: one plus one plus one equals one—Christ plus the husband plus the wife equals one. It is the Christ in our spouses who reaches out to the Christ in us. Likewise the Christ in our fellow believer reaches out to the Christ in us. We are united in and through Him. It is a miracle of the indwelling Christ. The miracle of Christ’s indwelling power is that, the love He revealed is exactly the love He will communicate to others through us. When this quality of love is the basis of a relationship whether marriage or social the miracle of unity is possible. In Eph4:1-16, the scripture presses us towards a recognition of our mutual dependence not only upon Christ, but also upon one another as we learn to minister in love to the needs of each other. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to bring us together in oneness based on the shared belief in Christ as Lord and Savior, His atoning death, His victorious resurrection and His reigning power. The Spirit overcomes our natural tendencies to selfishness, independence and self serving. He draws us together with our spouses/other believers and creates the miracle of oneness Jesus prayed for in John 17. we cannot overlook the fact that there are obstacles or blockages to unity. It is often the temptation of secondary issues of life that keeps us from living in unity with each other.These secondary issues could be among many others—commitment to parents, family background, denomination, religious beliefs etc. Unity is difficult when these secondary considerations becomes the basis for judging or staying away from others. In addition to the above issues, racial, cultural or social difference, education, position, financial status or political beliefs can stand between couples, keeping them from loving each other and experiencing the unity that Christ desired for them. When we major in minors we end up as failures in life and marriage. The only way to overcome this is to be sure Christ is first and foremost in our lives and to set aside the secondary thing that has little value. The key to a unified relationship is found in 3Jn3. Walking in the Light and truth of God’s word is the ultimate key to true unity. Christ is our Light Jn8:12. In His Light, we see the truth, live the truth and speak the truth. The Holy Spirit is the inner Light who helps us walk in unity with our spouses and fellow believers. John puts it clearly “if we walk in light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another” (1Jn1:17). Unity– true practical love—happen when we walk in the light and in the truth – This is the bedrock of marriage. Mutual forgiveness is most important as we cultivate true unity in our relationship with our spouses and fellow believers.